Winnebago Conservation Photography is born out of the need to increase the awareness of the many wetland habitats on the Winnebago System. Tens of thousands of acres of these habitats have been lost or degraded through high water, drainage, development, pollution, and invasive species. Many of these areas are seldom visited, and if no one knows what we have, and what we have lost, no one will fight to protect and restore these areas. Currently the project is in its first phase, collecting photographs to be used later for exhibits, illustrations, and other promotion.

All photographs and text are copyright Andrew Sabai unless otherwise noted and may not be used without permission.

About me: Andrew Sabai.
I am an aquatic and wetland biologist at, and owner of, Lake and Wetland Ecosystems LLC, a consulting firm providing services to lake groups, government agencies and individuals. Services include: lake and wetland planning, vegetation surveys, mapping, and water quality monitoring. Previously I have worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources identifying and surveying Critical Habitat in Wisconsin lakes. Currently I am finishing up my MS degree at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. My thesis work is on understanding the effects of invasive cattail species on native wetlands to facilitate better management. To this end, I am also working on projects that begin implementation of management of these cattails. Another major project I have been working on for the last three years is implementing the lake management plan for the Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District.

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